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  1. I won't lie, I am gulity of spending more time on the GTAforums. I have never bothered to join though. Quite a lot of the older members obviously don't come around as much, or some seem to just have left. There was a time I think that I didn't come here for a year or even longer, but I am back now. Who knows? That period between 2001 and 2004 must have been incredible to get the three GTA games within such a short span of time, that could have something to do with it, one of the drawbacks for fans, of having a five year long development period, people leave. But Rockstar has other amazing games and I think the GTA franchise is stronger than it has ever been, GTA V looks like Rockstar's best game ever. So this should be the time people will be coming back.
  2. Blur

    Next GTA Location

    I have some ideas. For starters I don't think the next game will return to Vice City, that locale was unqiue due to the time period, modern day Miami is just ehhh... San Francisco has some really fantastic scenery, but other than that I would put it in there with modern day Miami. Which leads me to think they will do a new city, maybe Chicago/midwest, or another older setting like 1970s Las Vegas. Could also be another state - Texas perhaps. Still it is way to early to begin thinking about the next GTA. Whatever it will be it looks like they have set the bar tremendously high with V.
  3. Tennis, cycling and hunting look to be my favorite mini-games.

  4. Blur

    First Official GTAV Gameplay Trailer!

    I would bet good money on a PC version. This was posted by Rockstar, but since has been taken down. Rockstar Toronton did the port for IV though, but if Max Payne is any indication they haven't forgotten about PC users. I think a May - June release for PC is plausible, 7 - 8 months after September. Source.
  5. IMDb says he was in Boardwalk Empire, looks like a very minor role, but hopefully he and the other two actors get some more exposure after GTA V comes out. I remember seeing Ned Luke's cheerios commerical a couple years back, who would of ever thought he would be the protagonist of GTA. What a small world eh? I think I might upgrade my standard edition to Special after seeing the gameplay video, so hyped! That steelbook case will come in handy in the long run, my IV case is feeling its age. Yeah its fantastic, I have the box art side framed and hanging on my wall next to my bed. I'm not the kind of person to hang posters around my house, but this just looks so good, with the art direction and colors I made an exception.
  6. 2nd link has an error. On the topic of customization, I think the ability to tune the car should downplay any worries that the driving will be neutered. R* said they want to make the gameplay as dynamic as possible so it doesn't make sense that they would make the driving arcadey, that is the opposite of what you would want. I really hope it has depth to it, the modifications allude to that possibly, but I want to hear more from people who have played it. Say what you want about IV's driving, but it doesn't hold your hand which makes you have to work to get away from the cops. If they go all Saints Row on our ass, then what is the point of having smarter cop AI when I don't have to work hard on mastering the driving.
  7. Blur

    First Official GTAV Gameplay Trailer!

    The King is BACK! It has been amazing to witness how far Rockstar has come since the beginning of this gen with Table Tennis all the way to Red Dead and now V. Oh those . So good. Via Game Informer: Grand Theft V Q&A: Gun Combat and Customization They are trying to make everything as dynamic and fluid as possible. Great news to hear. And an interesting bit from the customization article is that some car modifications can affect gameplay including brakes, engine tuning and suspension!
  8. Blur

    First Official GTAV Gameplay Trailer!

    They have done it. Holy Shit! Game of the Forever! Edit: Just imagine the reviews. Can it surpass IV on metacritic? Probably not, but 98 doesn't seem to far off, if Rockstar can pull this off without any bugs or game breaking errors, what a triumph.
  9. The King is back! Tommorow Rockstar will show to the world why they are the best devs in the industry. Game of the generation ladies and gentlemen. Man I won't be able to sleep tonight!
  10. Blur

    GTAV Artwork: Friends and Family

    I think it is like the second worst kept secert in the gaming industry that GTAV is going to come to PC eventually. Sometime 6 - 8 months down the line if we are going on Rockstar's previous track record. (I would put money on that). So they are probably just getting sick of hearing about it. Next gen consoles - I have no idea.
  11. Blur

    Asked & Answered: GTAV

    Bring it on! It makes sense, they want to show all of what they have learned this generation since IV. I'm expecting Rockstar to showcase the technical aspects like gunplay from Max Payne, the customization, the economy and how we can spend our money, and more of each character's world area respectively. Should be fun. Also, would love to hear anyone who is planning on not watching the gameplay series. A media blackout for a game like GTA seems very futile, you know all your friends will be talking about it, everyone on the forums will discuss it. Unless you avoid the internet. I'm not going to even consider it.
  12. Blur

    Horses as ridable "vehicles" in GTA V?

    People are requesting all types of shit, I am suprised no one has asked for the ending to the game. I'm happy Rockstar as opted out of their usual gameplay videos (I am selfish I know). Gives the game a sense of mystery, which I like. And I think they shouldn't have too either. Oh yeah a little over two months left! News is coming in any day now.
  13. So I picked up the preorder poster from Gamestop. Wow the colors are insane. You really appreciate the stunning art direction when its up close. I take it back this is the best box art in the series. Its 22x28 for those wondering.
  14. The old phat PS3 is being pushed to its limits playing The Last of Us. Less than three months, hang in there man, don't die on me just yet.

    1. BlackListedB


      I have a 40gig phat that needs a new BD laser I believe, but I do want the PS4, in the meantime, though....

  15. Blur

    Xbox 1 versus Playstation 4

    Easy choice for me: PS4. When Sony announced the price was 100 less, why would I even want an Xbox One. The 24 hour online verification and used game policy is a huge turn off, and an even bigger turn off is the way Microsoft handled the whole process. Sony is doing all the right now, that it is going to be really interesting to see how Microsoft will bounce back after this. One thing is for sure however I won't be buying an Xbox ever again, I made that mistake when I jumped the gun for Episodes from Liberty City. And speaking off games, for those still on the fence, games are what it will probably come down too. For me PS4's indie friendly environment and diverse catalog of games tops Xbox's first person-shooters. Quantum Break made by Remedy, interests me, but that will eventually come to PC (much like Alan Wake). On the flip side PS4 has Naughty Dog (Uncharted), who are my favorite devs along with Rockstar of course. And lets not forget about Agent (the R* PS3 exclusive announced back in 2009?). This map puts things in an easier perspective.
  16. Yeah the folks over at GTAforums have done an amazing job putting together the map. Now CVG too is working on their own mapping project, very cool stuff. CVG has actually seen the game too, so I will take their final creation as the definitive map until we actually get our hands on the game. I am buying the Special Edition mainly for the steelbook.
  17. Replaying through IV one final time before September arrives.

  18. Looks like I will be getting the Special Edition. Although that is a really nice looking hat, 70 more dollars, holy crap. Snapbacks go for around 35 - 30 dollars so I don't know if that deposit bag is worth all the extra money. Still too much digital content for my tastes.
  19. FYI: GTAV site got a slight redesign, with a new info section, but no new info.

  20. Blur

    No new missions

    Perhaps using this checklist can help pinpoint which mission it is you are not getting. I'd take a guess and say that it is one of Gerry's missions (maybe Ransom) In that case sometimes you have to wait to receive a phone call before you can start the mission, calling them works as well, but you said you've already done that, so I don't know what else it could be.
  21. Blur

    Horses as ridable "vehicles" in GTA V?

    Nah, I don't think horses will be in the game. Wouldn't that be one of things on the stats, like driving, stamina, horse riding. I think it is more of a period piece thing, similiarly to how art director Aaron Garbut said that Vice City was 80's, horses are distinctly Red Dead, the American frontier period, I don't think they would want to move it to GTA. But I say the more animals in the game the better.
  22. Blur

    GTAV Character Artwork Wallpapers

    Trevor has a teddy bear? I wonder who's it is? hmmm...
  23. Blur

    More New GTAV Screenshots from EDGE

    I too play a lot of racing games, though not as much as I used to. The original Driver (1999) was one of the first videogames I ever played, still one of my favorite racing games with MCLA and NFS: Underground. I was playing IV with friends the other day, they both prefer Sleeping Dogs's driving over IVs, understandbly when they took over the controls in GTA they both crashed spectacularly, failing to brake before taking a tight turn among other things. I agree with MrLlamaLlama that once you learn to adapt to controls and have some self control over the gas, the driving is much more rewarding. The challenge is what makes it more fun, weaving in and out of traffic with the cops chasing you while maintaining control, when pulled off is very rewarding. Even when you do crash the car it is so well done imo, that it doesn't ever become an annoyance. And you will only fly out of the car if you smash into something, don't smash into it. I too am wondering what "friendlier" is alluding too, more foregiving, but how? What open world driving do you prefer over IV's TUN3R?
  24. Blur

    More New GTAV Screenshots from EDGE

    "GTAV's [car handling] looks to be friendlier, but in no way dumbed down". Thank god. The car handling in IV is the best in any open world game out there,and GTA game for that matter. I've played Sleeping Dogs, Mafia 2 among others. The cop chases are infinitely more fun than the previous games, its one of the things that keep me coming back to Liberty City, obviously I'm not the only one as Edge mentioned.
  25. We know Michael is voiced by Ned Luke, he is the perfect suite to play Michael, I'm already a big fan. As for a celebrity: Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) from Breaking Bad trying to sell meth to Trevor. It makes perfect sense R*