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  1. Redemption isn't actually a sequel to Revolver, it's a spiritual successor.
  2. I think it was Glenn, just as in the comics. On Youtube, someone enhanced the audio of the segment and Maggie, Abraham, Carl, and others can all be heard screaming his name.
  3. For me, it was being reported as a web forgery. But at least you got it sorted. Thanks. Now I can go back to being agonizingly annoyed by Black.
  4. I would think that to fall on the actor for taking the job.
  5. That certainly makes my outlook on GTA's future grim. I've seen what happens to franchises when someone new takes charge and it isn't always good.
  6. First off, every word in the dictionary was invented at some point. Our evolutionary ancestors didn't crawl out of the ocean with an English language dictionary clamped between their fins, now did they? And "Xbone" is shorthand for "Xbox One". That should be common knowledge by now because everyone is using it. We can't exactly just call it "One", because then for damn sure no one would know what we're talking about. Also, Nate's right. You got banned from GTAF for one reason or another. Regardless of whether it was justified or not, it happened, is over and done with, and you need to let it go and move on with your life.
  7. Wow, someone who knows Redemption is Red Dead 2? I thought I was the only one. XD
  8. But the thing is, the Internet is wrong. The game has been modded up the wall and no traces of any of its alleged hidden creatures have ever been found. This long ago should have been the nail in the coffin (it was for me), but most myth hunters are just so desperate for these things to be real more than anything to the point that they'll disregard obvious proof (like the game being dismantled by modders with no evidence found) and desperately cling to hearsay and false claims such as a Rockstar employee allegedly claiming that there was "something in the woods", which I can find nothing whatsoever to verify. I like the myths, I think they're fun. If hunting for these things brings you enjoyment, more power to you. Do I want Bigfoot to be roaming around Back O Beyond? Do I want there to be a Woods Creature? So much yes. But that doesn't change the fact that there's nothing in the game files to prove it. I've heard "explanations" for this running the gambit from "a Rockstar employee secretly put it in" to "it can only be found in certain versions of the game", but none hold up. I mean, think about it: how quick were the UFOs and fake Bigfoot in GTA V verified in-game and plastered all over the Internet? Seemingly the day after it released. And now here it is a decade after GTA SA's release and all we've seen are a few grainy pictures that no one can prove are real. Why is this? Because there's simply nothing there.
  9. For once, Black, I agree completely with you. Look, I am truly sorry for the situation these refugees are in at no fault of their own and I'm sure the vast majority of them, regardless of faith, are good people, but like Scott said, we've gotta look after our own right now and as heartless as it might sound, closing our borders to these people should have been the first course of action. But obviously that spineless asshat in the White House has no real intention of actually fighting ISIS. As amazingly hardcore as units like Delta and DEVGRU are, it's going to take more than just a few teams on the ground and an air campaign to accomplish anything. Air power alone has never, and will never, win a war. We left Iraq too soon and now the world is paying the price. My only hope now is that France officially declares war and invokes an Article 5.
  10. Microsoft added backwards compatibility to Xbone on the 12th. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/backward-compatibility
  11. My thoughts are had our dumbass president left 15,000 boots in Iraq, there wouldn't be an ISIS in the first place.
  12. How about they don't try to compete with them? Sort of like how humans don't compete with slugs.
  13. You seriously compare old images posted on a web page to keeping a library or dictionary up-to-date? The absurdities that you type never cease to amaze me. So, then, again explain to me how any of that is relevant to the suggestion of having player modifications to vehicles showing up as standard on all vehicles?
  14. I would have thought in-game soundtrack was kind of obvious.
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