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  1. Sand Josieph

    Next GTA Location

    Personaly, I think they should make Chicago for GTA 5. If they do, they should call it Capone City or something along that line. Maybe they could even include parts of Detroit...just a thought...
  2. Sand Josieph

    Some More Questions

    I have a few questions that I am dieing to have answered: 1) Will there be a version of GTA IV for the PC? Maybe a better question would be: When will the PC version of GTA IV become available? 2) Will there be anything carried over from the old version of Liberty City? Such as familiar landmarks, locations, and vehicles. 3) Will there be seasonal events that take place, like the lighting of the Rockafeller Christmas Tree and the dropping of the ball on New Years Eve? 4) Will the Jetpack be available? That's all the questions I can think of...for now.
  3. Sand Josieph

    Track Shooter Mission

    One of my favorite mission types (in all of the GTA series) are the track shooter missions. Does anyone know how to make one, one that has all sorts of scripted events like cars crashing and insane jumps and other stuff?
  4. Sand Josieph

    Grand Theft Auto: A Lady's Story

    Here's a possible storyline for a female character: a latina girl has returned home with her new boyfriend, only to see him get gunned down by one of the rival gangs. While she has nothing to do with gang activity, she is forced to defend herself by shooting her way home. Later that same day, the other gang members come to torch her house and she is once again forced to defend herself. When she tries to turn to the authorities, they turn out to be no help at all and the girl has no choice but to take the law into her own hands.
  5. Sand Josieph

    Grand Theft Auto: A Lady's Story

    I am a newcomer to the modding industry, but fortunately, I know alot of good developers. Here is what I was thinking: Because I am fascinated by strong female characters, what would I need to do to make a sort of "San Andreas Stories" add-on that stars a young woman? What should her storyline be? What should she look like? And how should the NPC's behave around her. Over at Gameflood.com, I have started a project that would take the Grand Theft Auto mechanics and apply them to a fantasy setting. But that has nothing to do with this story, though, as this one involves the GTA world. Any suggestion would be helpful...thanks...
  6. Sand Josieph


    Has anyone seen the footage of the Killdozer rampage in Granby, Colorado? I was wondering if anyone has made a mod for it.