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  1. hey. i was wondering since VCS is before VC do we see vic in VC or mentioned?
  2. the mods for san andreas you download here, there for PC, XBOX and PS2 right? do u have to use a dual layer dvd or a normal dvd to mod for the ps2. "we cannot provide support for PS2 mods due to copyright/piracy issues?" what does this mean.
  3. why the hell do u need a dual layer dvd to mod the ps2 san andreas. i placed mods onto a normal 4.7G dvd. san andreas started to load untill sort of halfway it stopped, the music was playing. wat am i doing wrong? i have- my ps2 slim is modified(able to play copied) dual layer dvd burner dual layer DVD UltraISO(some programs allows u to open iso files) this is wat i did for a normal dvd 1.made san andreas into an ISO and placed it on computer 2.used the ultraiso to open the ISO(san andreas) and placed the mod 3.i used nero to copy the image files onto the dvd 4.put in ps2 then loaded halfway and stopped. i did the same procedures for the dual layer dvd, i put in ps2 and it could not read.nothing happend. Modding the PS2 version of the game is very hard. In order to do so, you will need a dual-layer DVD burner, a blank dual-layer DVD, DVD/ISO creation software, and a PS2 modchip. You must copy the DVD contents to the computer, install the mods like you would on the PC version, make the files into an ISO, and use software to make a bootable dual-layer DVD using the ISO file. You must burn to the DVD, then put it in your PS2. You must have a modchip or the PS2 will give you a disc read error. We cannot provide support for PS2 mods due to copyright/piracy issues. it says "You must copy the DVD contents to the computer, install the mods like you would on the PC version" so i just copy and paste it(right clicking copy and then paste). please help me people
  4. ok, has anyone ever modded a ps2 version of san andreas? i just modded my pc one and it works no problem, but im trying to do ps2.
  5. i have few mods i downloaded from this site for san andreas, i want to put them onto my ps2. can someone help me find a dvd/iso creation software whatever it is? or can i just copy the mods onto the san andreas ps2 disc in the right folder? (ill read the instructions on wat to do) help me find this dvd/iso creation software. thanks
  6. hey people. is it possible to to put san andreas mods on the ps2 disc, is this one way- insert san andreas game into the computer, place the mods(read instructions to know where to put them)in the appropiate folder? ill make a backup disc just in case. is this possible?
  7. im about to clock san andreas again from start , ive clocked it like 6-7 times. What are the funniest things youve ever done in san andreas and other GTAS
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