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  1. Isom


    First off I'm not real sure if this is where I should put this, but I couldn't find anywhere else I found suitable. My question is regarding Sanny Builder. Okay so I've added a new area to the SA map, and it's a hideout like place. I've edited the main.scm to spawn a number of weapons, pickups, and cars. It's all worked up until yesterday, and ever since then every time I try compiling it, it gives me the error Label "entext_218" not found. I've tried everything, even replaced every file with backup files and nothing. Any help?
  2. Isom

    Changing The Cutscene

    I'm pretty new at coding, and really modding all together. I have the easy stuff down like changing the dialogue, adding parked cars, and things. I need help with something though. I want to change Luigi's character to someone else in the cutscenes; could someone point me in the right direction of doing that?
  3. Not sure if this is the right place, but I need some help. I know some people, afer downgrading, have gotten their games to work fine well after I downgraded i try to run the game and SA:MP and I get the error Please Remove disc from current CD/DVD and insert the original disc in another drive ?:. Anyone know how to fix this?