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  1. Dear Zoom: any progress yet ? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Come on man where ru ? http://gtasnp.com/8629
  2. Dear Zoom: long time no reply......... come on man i need to finish this game i can't uninstall it until it is finished...plzzzzzzzzzzzz i am really trying but i am stuck in those missions waiting for ur reply man thanks in advance
  3. Dear Zoom: again it's me and i am stuck in the free fall mission and themissions to gain the abandoned airfield as a property.. iam very sucky at the flying missions sorry to disturb you again and iam bery annoying ... i know.... but please help i want to finish the game... thanks in advance and here is the link to my save game: http://gtasnp.com/8629 again thanks so much
  4. dear zoom: again i am in very need to ur help,as i told u before i suck at flying mission and now i am in the flying school...which have alot of flying and it seem that i am stuck so if u please can u help me to pass this school thanks in advance and here is the link http://gtasnp.com/8415
  5. Dear Zoom: i am really stuck in this zero mission "Supply lines" can u plz help me get over it...... i do not know if i am gonna pass the next mission in zero's but i will try, just plz help me on this i am suck at flying mission, and sure will need help in flight school thanks in advance http://gtasnp.com/8379 this is the link to my saved game
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