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  1. Hello again, As I was saying, I installed a new buggy over the Bandito with no problem. However I noticed that the headlights would only work on the left side so after some toying around in the Handling.cfg I found that the last three digits should be changed to 2 2 0 but my problem is this: How do you change the size of the lights that vehicles show, because the bandito's headlights are very disapointing especially since it's an off road vehicle. this is th buggy I'm talking about, i hope the link works?!?!? http://www.grandtheftauto.fr/downloads/c69...d-20-xl-v20.php
  2. I don't know how exactly it happend, but I downloaded another downgrade file and used it on my second edition and it worked.. YES! thanks for the help guys.
  3. Hey people, I'm new Anyway, as I was saying I got San Andreas about 3 weeks ago for 9 bucks. I had Vice City and remembered how easy it was to install mods I would find here and so I finished the game and the first mod I installed was New game effects by Robciante and it ran well. So I found a mod that replaces the hydra with a harrier jet, unfortunately the game crashed on the loading screen. So I put the original Hydra TXD and .dff files back in. Still nothing. So i reinstalled it and tried something easier, the poke` ball grenades. And it still crashed. I looked around the forums and found that the V2 of San Andreas didn't allow mods, so I tried to used the downgrader but the installer says OLD File Not Found.. and it stops and exits I would appreciate any help on this.
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