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  1. -Should be able to get attacked by sharks in the ocean, dogs in the city, and not to sound too noobish or anything but I personally think it would be funny if bats could shit on you and do damage lol. -Natural disasters are a GREAT idea lol. -With the additional HD on the PS3 I think it would be a good idea to have an 'MP3 Player Station'. -Be able to buy items from a shop and creat makeshift weapons (e.g. Can of deoderant, sticky tape and a lighter to creat a flamethrower. It can also be made so that you have a skill level on creation such as in SA with bycicle skill etc, so that if ur skill is LOW the makeshift weapons break easily). -The ability to give your gang members odd jobs! (e.g. You can request a gang member to go and find you a certain type of car, and depending on your gangs influence, it varies in time) -The ability to get a job may or may not be good depending on the way that R* went about it.... for example you could get a job as a cop and go around and possibly immitate Tenpenny from SA. -I also think the idea about picking up things such as plastic bags and sticks, then using them as weapons is great. -Flipping a car doesn't make it explode, just dies, though shooting the gas tank and simialer should still make it explode for obviouse reasons lol. -Speedometer idea is also wicked. -Getting Bloodstains on things such as weapons, cars etc it also good, such is the idea that if you get spotted by police with blood all over your clothes and stuff you should get a wanted level. -Carwash is a good idea. -Stun Guns are also a good idea, the same as any new weapons. -Storing things in your trunk eg spare guns, dead bodies etc. -Modern time and place setting. -Other characters can get pulled up for commiting crimes, e.g. If an enemy gang member shoots at you first, the police should go for him instead of you. -The ability to call emergency services and other gang members for some back up. -Make the scenery into real life, by this i mean be able to knock down walls, as discussed earlier, cut down trees and use them as weapons.... even going to the extent where, if you need firewood for example, you can go and be cheap to cut your own INSTEAD of buying it. -Give those useless 24-7 shops a purpose other than those video games. -Should be able to use coathangers, screwdrivers etc. to pick car locks and stuff like that. -Have regular events such as parades and as others have discussed before me, sporting events. -Australia would be a nice setting for the next GTA lol. -What about a fighting arena? Like the bloodring Banger arena, just instead of cars, a bunch of weapons spawn in the middle (Baseball bats, Golf Clubs, Katana's etc) and you have to run to the middle, grab one and fight to be the last one standing. -The ability to disguise satchels, eg. Buy a barbecue, put the satchell in the barbecue, give it to an enemy and blow them up when they least suspect it. -Papers and News on TV are both good ideas, this could open the gates for like cops to find your fingerprints and come after you days after you commit a crime, though this could be avoided by disposing bodies, such as putting them in your trunk and driving into the ocean, burning etc. -SPIKE STRIPS! -Usable drive-throughs rather than having to enter the fast food places to get your food. -To be able to search dead bodies e.g. look in there pockets and stuff. -Should have hotels incase your really injured and far away from a safehouse. -Some more of those magnet helicopters like that one you use in SA when you steal the armoured car, that way when you do the import/export missions, you dont have to drive the cars the extremely long distances required. -News reporters that actually film, then when you watch TV (in the game) you can see yourself killing people. -The ability to set up ambushes, e.g. You could tell your homies to hang back, then you could cruise into an enemy territory and lure the gangsters into the trap, sort of like that mission in GTA3. -Have paranormal activity, and if you take pictures you can sell them to the paper, TV etc. for some extra money! In total, I believe in R* so they will probably come up with there own ideas and we'll all love it not unlike there previouse games. Sorry if I have gone over any if not many previously discussed ideas, but i read from page 1 to page 23 of this forum and my eyes are killing me so this will have to do! lol BTW, I think that GTA4 will come out in An October, im not saying this October but AN October, I believe this because if you look at the rest of the GTA series release dates, all BAR 1 have been released in an October lol. HOPE YOU ENJOY MY FIRST POST ON THIS SITE!!!
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