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  1. Hi can any One complete my FREEFALL MIssion...., and if they wish can so the LV air missions......I hope some one can help me out i have the save game sip attached..... Thanks in advance !!!! GTASAsf4.zip
  2. Take your time Zoom..... Another favor if you look at the save game (end of line, which you uploaded) i see only 75+% is complete if you check and let me know things to do to reach 100 %..... It`ll be great help !!!! Thanks anyways !
  3. Thanks Zoom,,, GIve me lil brief alwell what should be done next..... Looking forward for the video...... Just to add to chased the truck but could not catch up to catch sweet...Fletzar (car) is not quick enough, every time i get underneath, the truck pulls ahead... and sweet falls and mission fail( juat wanted to add where i am going wrong).. Thanks a tone....
  4. Hi Zoom I am attaching the save file as Zip....Please check and let me know.... >>>>Eagerly looking to resume my game. GTASAsf6.zip
  5. Save game link: http://gtasnp.com/8490 Hey Zoom I have been trying this from last night just cannot complete the chase .......see if you could find time in the holiday weekend ...and let me know....." last mission" "end of line"..... i have seved in Johnson house and the st part is done..... I see if you taking shortcuts (avoiding the alleys and taking main rds) its impossible to chase and you keep on loosing Tenpenny..... Let me also know if 100% is complete .. Thanks in advance
  6. congrats on finishing it on your own. I do that right now. Cut Throat Business. Missions Passed! http://gtasnp.com/download/8465 I saved at the Dillimore Safe house because saving at Madd Dogg's Crib will supposedly cause the Basketball Glitch, and Dillimore was the next closest save-location. I can try to do some of the race/stadium-events tomorrow, if you want. Just let me know which ones you're having the most difficulty with, and I'll glady help you with them; but I think you'd feel more of a sense of accomplishment if you did them mostly on your own. There are a lot of them. NO CHEATS were used. Enjoy. Thanks agin Zoom I was eagerly waiting for this......you right .....i tried.....won few lost quite a few races ...drivingf and cycling seems tyo be much better then my flying skills i guess .... Thanks a ton again,,,, So Zoom how do we play basketball and if we can play at all ...and whats this basket ball glitch????? the only glitch i knew was MADD DOG .... LEt me know
  7. HI Zoom ,,,, I guess I need you lil help with the "Cut throat Business".....I finding the chase with the kart i lil too difficult.....Let me know if you could help me out... as i am nearing the completion..... Thanks in advance and looking to resume asap.. !!!!! Feel free to do any of the stadium and street + air races and tournament... GTASAsf8.zip
  8. I'll do your request now. for: souravnag Freefall Mission Passed! Download it here: http://gtasnp.com/download/8416 NO CHEATS were used. Enjoy. .......Hats off man.....Now I know why you picked the name Zoom.......you sure zooming around man................ Thanks again....... This is my First Gta series any suggestion why Series I should play after SA..... Cheers !!!!
  9. HEllo Fellow Gamers !!! I am stuck With Freefall..... It would be great if this mission is taken up by you esteem guys..... The link : http://gtasnp.com/8407 This is whre ive saves the file .... And let me know turn around time .... Thanks in advsnce.....
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