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  1. mine did that to me too, but i have always had the same disk...my friend said that if ou finish the game, it will become corrupt or something like that
  2. Q-Kid-Kyle

    GLitches on Ps2

    whats up guys...listen, i have a ps2, obviously, and i am trying to get the hidden pay n spray to work. I heard this works on ps2, but on mine, all i see is a white garage door that doesn't open. the other glitch i cant do is the drive a destroyed car glitch...how can i do it?
  3. Q-Kid-Kyle

    Area 69 in Blue Hell!?!?!?

    thank you, figured it out last night...sry...p.s., wanna add me as a frined? im new
  4. hey guys. im lookin 4 anyone who can get me into area 69 from the blue hell - i enter from pro laps - p.s. this is not the BLACK HELL FROM GANTON GYM - i have figured out how to get under and i got under, but how do i get in? also, now that i think of it, HOW WILL I GET OUT?
  5. Q-Kid-Kyle

    Ps2+San Andreas+Modding=How?

    for modding my ps2, can i use the tape and tissue mod? do i need anything else if i do that mod. and how would i mod the game - P.S. i am running on a mac