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  1. Finally got it... barely. I'm not a big fan of Little Jacob so I will probably just get enough respect/likeness to get guns and then ditch him.
  2. Okay so I am doing one of the first Little Jacob side missions. I will call him up for me to do a job and he tells me that I need to pick up a car and deliver it to some guys. That's fine, so I get in the car and then it says, "You have until 6:30 to deliver the car". But everyrime it only giuves me a half an hour to deliver which (for me) is next to impossible. Everytime I nearly get there and then it says, "Hurry up!" and then it says, "Too slow, the dealers left". I've tried this about three times now and I would really like to improve my relationship with Little Jacob so I can get some guns. It shouldn't be that hard sinc e I am just starting the game, and it is one of the first side missions for Little Jacob. Please give me some good advice. Thank You.
  3. Since I just got the sent in my 360 to Microsoft, I went over to a buddies house and got to take GTA IV for a test drive. The game is amazing I must admit, but there are a couple things I noticed that really effected my experience. First of all, get used to cops because in GTA IV there is no escaping them. This was really annoying to me because I couldn't do anything without getting a cop on my tail and spending a good deal of time escaping from them. I would be on a mission, for example, and I would squeze by an intersection, accidentally hit one of many cop cars sitting there and then I would have to lose them. I am hoping however that Rockstar will release a 'no wanted level' cheat; that would be awesome. Second, why is it sooo dark?!? I've seen this posted a few times already and please don't tell me, "It's the settings on your television because it's not. The brightness settings on my friends 32" HDTV were maxed out. I could not see a single thing especially at night time. I was on a mission for Little Jacob at night and it took my literally fifteen minutes to climb a flight of stairs in a darkened alleyway. I did use the 'brightness level' cheat and it made it a little bit better but still, waayyyy to dark. Other than that the game is great. I loved the little taste of the storyline that I got, and I can't wait to get my 360 back so I can start my own game.
  4. I felt the same way when I was playing it at a friends house the other day. Sure, the graphics are amazing, the detail is rediculous and the storyline is the best I've seen in a long time. But, it not as 'fun' as the ones before it. You can't do anything in the city without a cop seeing you because THE COPS ARE EVERYWHERE! Oh my god, anytime I did anything at all I would get a wanted level, it is very annoying. Hopefully Rockstar gives us a 'no wanted level cheat' that would really make this game the best game ever.
  5. You get the red rings of death when your xbox 360 has a 'hardware failure' You get three red lights going three quarters of the way around the power button on your 360. It sucks
  6. Already tried that... thank you. I did manage to play GTA4 though and I love it...
  7. No, im not going emo lol, I think i will probably buy a new xbox tomorrow...
  8. First of all, a couple of my co workers have had their xbox's die too and they have told me that it took them about a month or month and a half. Thats why I'm pissed is because like most everyone else on this website ive been looking forward to this game since it was announced and now I have to wait anohter month? Lastly, I took great care of my xbox, It never moved once I unboxed it and sat on top of a table with plenty of air circulation, it was just bound to happen..... Its easy for you to say "stop crying" because your getting GTA 4 on tuesday, im not.
  9. Spammer. stop spamming. ^ What? It's the topic starter's post, and we're all discussing it. It's not spam. What you did was spam. Tough break though... I am a spammer? Wow, okay.... didn't know that. Thank you guys for all of your input I decided to send in my 360 to Microsoft :'( Looks like I'll be playing GTA4 with you guys somewhere in the next month/ two months. This sucks so bad....
  10. Ohhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyy Gooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the Red Rings tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How messed up is that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? TWO DAYS BEFORE RELEASE!!!!!! WHY GOD???
  11. They will be 48 minutes, which will take about 2 'real' minutes to pass
  12. We didn't do preorders for this game so at midnight it will be first come, first serve
  13. We have 150 Xbox 360 versions and 100 PS3 versions, kind of funny
  14. Coo thing is that I get off Monday night at 9 pm so I will just wait in line for three hours pick it up, go home and play. Its kinda weird though because I did not see any special editions, they were all just the game.
  15. I work at WalMart, and being in the electronics department I saw that we got GTA IV in and I almost had a heart attack. So I waited until no one was around and just drooled over the game for about half an hour. I could not believe what I was holding in my hands. I can't upload the pics from my phone , but they are pretty crazy because we have 250 copies of it in stock. Just for the record I did not steal any, and I didn't even think about it because the release is only two days away and it would be too hard for me to steal it anyway.
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