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  1. MrLlamaLlama: thanks. I already knew this. I just don't want to go all the way to the airstrip every time i need it *JAJ*: I tried that a bunch of times. It would work when I'd go in and out of the safe house but the jetpack would disappear once I actually saved J-Love: I don't like to use cheats
  2. I always take the tanks out first. then go back and get a plank and put it in place. then move barrels out of the way until Zero makes it across the plank. then pick up the plank and move it to the next spot it's needed. after that it'll be pretty smooth sailing. all you have to do then is clear a few more barrels and your done


    if they redo San Andreas the could always call it GTA: City Of Angels
  4. London would be cool.. it would take a while to get used to drive on the wrong side of the road though. i used to always get into head-on collisions in the first GTA London or the XBox 1080
  5. if this is in the wrong forum feel free to delete or move it.. thanks could someone please make this jersey to replace the bandits jersey at pro laps? except change the number on the back to 29 i can find more pictures if needed thanks
  6. the filefront link I found in the SA Stunting Guide is dead.. can anyone help me find a working link? thanks!
  7. neverrrrrrrmind just figured it out myself.. didn't have a button set up for secondary fire on my controller.
  8. help! i just reinstalled GTA SA and everything is working normally just like before except I can't bunny hop on a bicycle with my controller. i can with the keyboard but I remember being able to do it with my controller before. i think it was L5 or L7. my controller is a Nexxtech wireless pc controller, if that helps.
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