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  1. sensini

    San Andreas crash after trainer health cheat

    For now im just using "god mode" in Twisted trainer. Probably things will solve themself if i install windows all over again, but thats too much. Thanks everyone who tried to help.
  2. sensini

    San Andreas crash after trainer health cheat

    Thanks for your replies guys. Husky,the infinite health cheat is as Greensabre13 said "baguvix". BUT,that doesnt work me either. Thats another weird thing.I am reall amazed with this vague problems. I still hope someone can help me solve this. And Greensabre13,yes if you have a good trainer with lots op options like the GTA-SA Crazy Trainer +151 or GTA-SA +113 Trainer,you dont have to type in the cheats yourself.It is then just a matter of pressing mostly 2 buttons at the same time. Only,in my case,the infinite health "2 buttons" cause the game to crash since a short while.
  3. I hope someone can help me with an odd problem i have. I call it odd because it never happend to me before. I use GTA-SA Crazy Trainer +151 or GTA-SA +113 Trainer. All the cheats work fine with no problems. But since a short while the game crashes when i use the infinite health cheat. That happens in both trainers.I uninstalled en reinstalled the game but it doesn't help. It crashes and i get the message"gta san andreas has stopped working". I use Windows 7 64.Again,this problem started like 2 days ago and never before. I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the help guys but i have allready deleted the mod since i don't want to invest tim in creating the female sounds myself.
  5. sensini

    One way to avoid CJ saying bad words.

    If you don't want you kids or anyones kids to hear bad words,just don't let them play the game or even play near them.If you're wise enough you would know the game is for 18 and older.
  6. Now that you say that...you might be right.Then it's weird to create a mod like that. I mean what's the need for female cops if they'd not have female voices anyway. But i keep hoping some genius comes with a good solution. Some die hard SA player who knows everything.
  7. I hope someone can help me with this:I installed the Comic mode. Now i all have female cops.But they still have male voices. Does anyone happen to know how to change into female voices if it's possible? I'd appreciate it.