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  1. well theres 90 sum missions just keep playing and you should get a phone call or summin, also check your texts
  2. Ive made stunt jump videos that should help anyone thats stuck on any stunt jump in IV.
  3. and like that last posts website says after each car SAVE it and youll get threw these in no time instead of waiting 10 min.
  4. the way in which i did it, drive around until you find a S load of cars lined up (parked) at the side of a road/street and then shot one rocket for every 3-4 cars. I shot one at the middle car then quickly shot 3 cars left then the same on the right. I didnt have ANY luck with cars that are being driven, I would cause a traffic jam and shoot rockets at the cars only to find at the end half of the cars would dissapear.
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