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  1. can any people or my gangs aboard my coach in gta san andreas? and how?
  2. a request can someone help me do this vehicle mod for GTA sa? please i gt the blueprints
  3. oh...so sad...i wanted to play bully on PC...my frens has PS2 bully..i don have PS2
  4. Will there be any RockStar bully pc version?
  5. hope tat the rumor is right....hope there will be a pc version...coz i play GTA SA until don wan to play anymore...lol...
  6. will there be a PC version of GTA IV? I want to play it on PC..because i don have xbox and PS3 hope they will release PC version.
  7. I can't wait for the PC version. Hope they will produce it in no time... I watched alot of trailer for LCS...it's great...
  8. hi, I would like to request a bending bus....a very long bus...lol...please
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