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  1. Bout the hydra stunts:most are easy but there are some preety hard one's. About the editing:Read video description next time What description? ??? What does that have to do with the video effects? Please explain... SW edited it.So dont complain to me about the editing...Anyways this is an old vid.New one coming soon
  2. Old stunts,gravity mod,car mods,m0d s0beit,music was ok,you wont admin that you used mods,editing was pretty bad. Try visiting gtastunting.net or ask for advice on samp.Rated worst. Now would you please admit that you used mods?Its WAY to obvious...
  3. http://gta-samp.net/ Unofficial sa-mp site.Check the forums.These guys are keeping sa-mp alive
  4. Bout the hydra stunts:most are easy but there are some preety hard one's. About the editing:Read video description next time
  5. I dont like him.He acts like a fag most of the time and pretends to be the guru of stunting -.- HSS is cool tho.
  6. SA is easier to stunt in and VC has lower gravity.Both great games. I think SA is better for stunting. Oh and I didnt watch the vids.
  7. Ocean.He's in HSS . You prolly know him from GTAS
  8. 5 hours is much time.The stunts for my vid were done in less than 2 hours so... Jugo out
  9. Young_Josh you still obssesed with becoming admin on WoS? PS:This is a rly old vid.New one is coming shortly
  10. CamHack doesnt work for me either.Whenever I enable it the screen goes all twisted.Dunno why. Anyone know the solution to this prob?
  11. New one is coming soon Will be a lot better
  12. Btw there is way of saving reps. F2 to save it and F3 to watch the saved rep
  13. You must be joking.Dude go watch some tuts from Fugitive.You need them.Badly. You should do stunts that are amazing not those done the first try. Ex. your packer to precision(there's lots of 'em) isn't amazing at all.Just take a packer,put it in the right place and voila. Try P2B and more bumps and even grinds.Practice in SA-MP and ask ppl for advice. Thats it from me. P.S.I cant say how much the vid sucks
  14. Shame that my stunts suck
  15. Its not the best vid.There are way better vids out there like GLS's,XSA's and TMS's vids. Darkness and Kaneda are still legends tho cause they did stuff that was amazing for they're time
  16. Well its not just me.There's lotsa ppl who think its the best.On the other hand there are fags that say that ''the editing is shit.just some random clips bunched together continuing into a new clip without a transition'' So I think most ppl like it
  17. Vid info: Stunts:Jugo Editing:Shadow Warrior Aprox lenght:4:01 Tell me what you think
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