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  1. search grandtheftauto.fr. it is in french, but you can make out some of the words, go to telechargments(downloads) and click cars, vice city, and search for the one you want!! Thanks mang! I found it
  2. 1980s Ford LTD Crown Victoria similar to the MIB car 1980s Mercury Grand Marquis 1980s Lincoln Town Car Sedan and Limo Version please
  3. A 1980's LTD Crown Victoria, identical to the one in Men In Black, but comes in different colors.
  4. Hi, I just downloaded the Long Night Rar file. I don't have anything else, I don't have a readme, or a script file, unless the stuff is inside the rar file. I don't know. Anyway, can anyone direct me to a link with everything I need to install the mod? I have the patch for it, to keep it from crashing. SO can anyone help me with this please? I want to play this so bad! Or if someone has it and it works, can they upload the tools needed to install?
  5. Hi my name is John, and I just joined. I was wondering if someone could help me, I am having problems for installing the Long Night Mod for VIce City. All I have is the Rar file and nothing else, not the script file, readme file or anything. Can anyone help me with this? I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. My bad, I thought it was one forum for the introductions. Sorry. I'll shrink the sig pic too.
  7. Hi all, I just joined up. My name is John and I am from New Jersey. Anyway, I am having problems installing the Long Night Mod for GTA Vice City. I only have the RAR file itself, nothing else. Can anyone help me to find the Script file for the mod? Without it I can't install the mod or so my mod installer says so. The Readme file would be very helpful as well. Thanks.
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