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  1. CarlLeCler

    Great Mod idea! (?)

    I'm not that good in computers and stuff, and maybe it's allready possible do do this, but I'll try to explain my idea Yeah, so my idea was to make a mod so you can make your own "radiostation" in the game, which basicly would mean that you could decide what music you want to listen to, and take musicfiles from the computer into the game. Is this allready possible to do? If not I guess it's a prettygood idea, and would be nice to listen to your own music in the game =) If someone can do this I would be really happy if you would and plz contact me if/when you have done it Peace
  2. CarlLeCler

    Save game problems

    nope, didn't work to just re install the game, I downloaded the savegame but when I started I came to the first mission (as if I had started a new game) LOL
  3. CarlLeCler

    Save game problems

    but will I still be able to mod after I've re installed it? Anyways I'll re install it now. Cherios
  4. CarlLeCler

    Problem with SAMI (Img Tool 2.0)

    Okay, It's working now, thank's for the help!
  5. CarlLeCler

    Save game problems

    Hello =) I have a small problem... acctually it's really pissing me of I re-installed my game, and (ofcourse) all my game progress was lost :'( I've tryed over and over with different savegames, but everytime I start (after finished loading) the game crashes. I have Downgraded my version of the game so I don't think that's the problem, and heres where the wierd part comes in: I can install cars etc, how come I can't install a savegame? Anyone that knows what I am doing wrong? Do I need like a progam or something for this? Thank's! /carl
  6. CarlLeCler

    Gta san andreas FREEZE problems

    Can you give examples of another way? plz I have the same "freeze" problem as well NO mods what so ever works for me
  7. CarlLeCler

    Problem with SAMI (Img Tool 2.0)

    Hi fellas! I have this wierd problem with SAMI, I've done all the installs right, opend the "GTA3" file with it. But when I try to open the mod file (eg. Ferrari Enzo mod) there's no file's in the file however when I open it whitout SAMI I can clearly see the files. The format of the files is .dff and .txd... I've tried different mods but it still wont work, Anyone know what I've done wrong? /Carl