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  1. Stevie Didn`t Even text me when i got in this car the game says stevie would like this car but i didn`t know who he was
  2. I can't see why people can't accept that Vic Died. Rockstar wouldn't just change that. But Its Weird That They Make You Play As Someone Who Died
  3. I Get This Now You Get Asthma From Smoking Right (Cigarette Is A Drug) Peter Vance Had Asthma Probably Because Of Smoking And Doing Drugs So In VCS Vic Is Trying to Get Money To Make Pete Better. In The Vice City Opening Peter Vance Was Killed Think About It He Had A Latin Accent And Vic Sounds Nothing Like That So Rockstar Games Fixed The Problem By Creating Vice City Stories Pete Vance Got Asthma From Doing Drugs Vic Is The Only One That Survived And Moved To A Different Place Lance And Pete Are Dead Note: Vic Vance Hates Drugs He Would Never Touch That Stuff
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