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  1. Yo Do you know the "Mesa" car, do you know where I can find that car?
  2. Yo! I just wondered, the tags, horseshoes, oysters and the photothing... The first thing is okai, but the photo thing, what is that? :s
  3. Maybe the screencard or what the name is
  4. Now I get one more list, the car thing....
  5. Thanks for the list. The side missions and the Miscellaneous... Were do I find everything? Do I have to just look for it? Or do I need to use any special airplanes, cars or something? And the car "sentinel", is there a special place I have to go to find that? I can't find that.. haha
  6. Hm, I have delivered the cars on the list to the ship, but the list doesen't change when I was finished though... But later I'm going to check that again, I just have a break now..
  7. Body armor increesed with 150 % Is that the bodyarmor we buy in the weapon shop? Or what does that mean?
  8. It was just 1 blackboard there... But when I'm finish with the valigant mission, I'm going to check it... It's the second time I die under the valigant mission on just a few minutes... hahaha xD
  9. Yeah, the shooting thing I know what you mean! "Exports and Imports, you have to export all the vehicles that are on the list, search for them. There are three levels on that; the last is a bit difficult." I have done it... All the cars on the list down at the harbour or down there... I have just bought two cars from the same place.. it could be that the list changes again or something? :S
  10. Hey again! I can't find any new missions, but the progress in the game is just 68 % or something... And in the stats says "Number of vehicles exported" --> "9 out of 30" Can someone explain me that? I dunno what to do.. And do the "shooting range level" have something important to say? 9 out of 12 it says on the shooting range level... And one last thing at this moment, "$50,000 & Free Train Rides - Complete all 2 Levels of the Freight Train Missions" Were can I do that mission...? I'm a little noob in Gta haha
  11. "Medic Uniform - Date Katie to %100 Pimp Suit - Date Denise to %100 Overall's Outfit - Date Helena to %100 Racing Outfit - Date Michelle to %100 Police Uniform - Date Barbara to %100 Valet Uniform - Complete the mission "555-WE-TIP" Gimp Suit - Complete the mission "The Key to her Heart" Croupier Uniform - Complete the mission "Breaking the bank at Caligula's" I date Denise, so I have the Pimp suit. I have datet the girl in the mission "The key to her heart", so I have the Gimp Suit And I have the croupier uniform I think... I "miss" Helena, Barbara and Katie I think... Were do I find them? $50,000 & Free Train Rides - Complete all 2 Levels of the Freight Train Missions Whats that ?
  12. Airplane? On our airport thing ? I have three girlfriends now, isen't that so that we are going to get five our something? Were can I find the other two girls? I have 1 in each town now..
  13. Yeah, I have done all the missions in the casino too... I have no icon on the map now, just safehouse, the race and so on
  14. Yeah, I'm there now... So, it isen't more missions now? Do we have to do viligant missions and taxi missions?
  15. Btw... I just saw that its a flag a place near CJ's home, the "mainhome", in the first city... I can't remember what the name was...
  16. Yeah, I think so... It's a flag a place next to the carshop, not so far from the garage CJ owns And a Pay'n spray on the other side of the flag, and the carshop on the other side... What do I have to do to get more missions then? : )
  17. Hello I have finished the 5-6 race we haveto do behind the carshop... I have won all the racing, but I don't get any new missions... Do you know what I have to do next? Thank you!
  18. I can't find any cars... I have been in both militarystations/base and I can't find it I find tanks, airplanes, helicopters and big trucks, but not the car I need, Patriot...
  19. Area 69 is actually the restricted army base so don't spam. Hm. is that army base some place there we have our private airport ?
  20. Hey again! I have this mission there I have to find some cars, and I have everyone exept the "Patriot", the military car, or something Do you know were I can find it?
  21. Wee Done! I bought the carstore now, and I got two more missions now... Thanks for the help dude!
  22. Yeah, I try I cant finish that fucking racething before the time goes over 40 second... Damn Do you have any trick or something to complete it before the time goes over 40?
  23. Yo! I have a "problem". I have finished all the missions we get, but I still can't buy the carshop in the second part of the city... What can I do to buy it? The sign in front of the house is blue, and it says "you can't buy it yet" or something Do I have to take "viligante" missions as a cop, or missions with the firetruck, taxi or ambulance? And wich level do I have to reach to complete that? I'm sorry if my english are a little wierd Can anyone help me, please? - Sigurd
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