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  1. No one knows but it would make sense to be able to take control of it. As it seems they have made the interiors detailed enough to explore, so that would make sense.
  2. Who the fu*k you think you are, hey! Two accounts, what you on about! Like i said to the other prick. IF I GET BANNED ONE MORE TIME I WILL BE COMING FOR YOU! TRUTH HURTS, DEAL WITH IT. STOP MOANING TO ME ABOUT IT!
  3. I will respect others that respect me but when i keep getting a little bitch crying his arse out over a forum to me, then i have to say something back......Go do something because i could not give two sh*ts........TRUTHS HURTS, DEAL WITH IT!
  4. Cool, you did the right thing then........ .....Sure By the way if i get banned now because your being a little bitch again. Then i will be coming for you........
  5. TRUTH HURTS HEY!.......... I am only posting news......What am i doing wrong!
  6. Basically The CVG Grand Theft Auto IV Special magazine has just been released. In it CVG reveal that the GTA IV Xbox 360 DLC will include a new city that could be bigger than San Andreas. NOW DON'T YOU PS3 PUNKS FEEL STUPID NOW!..... GO SELL THAT PIECE OF JUNK YOU CALL A SYSTEM AND BUY YOURSELF AN XBOX 360!........ I AM LAUGHING MY ARSE OF RIGHT NOW!.......... Here is the link, if you do not believe me > Xbox 360 Downloadable Content Some more news states that GTA IV 360 has optional HD install aswell......OH DON'T YOU PS3 GUYS FEEL LIKE IDIOTS!
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