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  1. everyone else is joining crazybob cops and robbers without SA-MP i think and i dont know how
  2. to get those goggles you need a save file first and here are a few locates i know of both goggles get night goggles at foster vally in SF and theres night goggles at madd dogs crib under the staircase and themal goggles are by the TV by the bar and theres themal goggles at zero RC too you can see them after you come in
  3. team neos is only for 150 players not 200 someone else made a server called crazybob cops and robbers allow with 200 players
  4. yeah but theres a SC pistol gun mod at gta-download.com
  5. i dont know any cool mods for GTA SA please tell me one thanks
  6. crazybob rocks! to fine this server go to the SA-MP and type cop at mode search and wait into its loading and you will see it! dont pick the crazy bob cops and robbers server allow with 200 players pick the one its allow for 100 players
  7. LS And LV Do You Know Why I Dont Like SF? BECAUSE YOU CANT GO IN THE PD!!!!
  8. At The Gravy Yard I See A Weird Thing On A Wall Somewere At Midnight
  9. I WOULD LIKE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I Would Like Sam Fisher From Splinter Cell
  11. how to be stealth like him? how to be cool like him? how to be killable like him? 1.go to binco to get a black tank 2.go to pro-laps to get black pants 3.go to pro-laps to get a black watch heres a other way to look like splinter cell 1.wear a gimp suit 2.get night goggles or themal goggles :NOTE night goggles or themal goggles are we required for both steps
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