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  1. look pal, it sm times depends on the type of configuration u hv on yer pc. Directx 9.0 may be installed, bu' u have to have at least a 128MB graphics card/acceleration in ur pc. u say it runs for sm time, then auto turns off, eh? well ur pc also shud have at least 512 MB of RAM in it. an yes, nfs mw supports only sm graphic cards. my best one for u is try on an Nvidea GE Force 7000 or 8000 series. will do a lot and it is also cheap these days. so go build up ur pc an dont stop gamin'!!
  2. ok look here dude, first of all you have to keep a bull's eye on yer modding , cause 1ce i had a prob wid a mod an well, had to re-install the whole damn thing. so first of all backup the most of ur imp files. better yet backup d whole game folder in another directory an then get to ur modding. an yes scan each file u r downloading.
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