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  1. When someone gets around to playing the MP, could they possibly confirm the original question at the start of this thread? I'm not going to be able to play for another week and a half Thanks.
  2. Well, hopefully we're able to. That would certainly make the free-roam mode quite interesting. I can see most mini-games ending up in a drunken firefight
  3. Are the mini-games only a segment of the single-player campaign missions? Or, during single player, can you still access them when you're just roaming around the city?
  4. The IGN review stated that all content found in the single player world will be available to players in the MP world. So does this mean you'll be able to play the mini-games, such as darts or pool, with your friends online? I really hope so. Nothin' better than batting your bud over the head after he's beaten you at a game of darts.
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