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  1. Dopeman 00420

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Save money, dont buy a new vid card for that setup. It'll be a waste of money. Im assuming its a AGP vid card, on a AGP motherboard. I also assume you work. So buy a new barebones setup and start fresh, pref Directx 10 setup. gl.
  2. Dopeman 00420

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Back on topic, I would reccomend at least 2gb of ram for those that have less. And those that are using XP with a Dx10 card should make the switch to Vista, it has come along way since its release. If you do goto Vista, consider going to 4gb of ram. Vista eats that shit up, alot more than XP. Id imagine this game will take advatange of multi core Cpu's, biggest performance boost, next to vid card.
  3. Dopeman 00420

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    I own with a trackball though dude, especially FPS's. Used it for years (10+) and swear by it.
  4. Dopeman 00420

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    My Ultra-l33t setup Antec 900 case 650w psu, 4 120mm fans and the big 200mm fan http://www.antec.com/uk/productDetails.php?ProdID=08009 Asus A8N32 Sli-Deluxe Amd 64 4200 dual core 4gb ddr BFG oc 8800gts 640mb BFG PhysX 128mb SB X-fi extrememusic 320gb HDD DvD burner Vista Home Premium 64bit Logitech z-5500 speakers - nice and loud THX 19" LCD 1280x1024 max - need better monitor Saitek Eclipse 2 keyboard Logitech marble mouse universal trackball. w00t
  5. Dopeman 00420

    GTA IV PC details and screenshots emerge

    Yea, Trackball man. It has not failed me yet. Awesome for FPS's As for gta4 PC getting comp from FarCry2, was meant by release time, not genre. use the logitech universal trackball / marble mouse
  6. Dopeman 00420

    Autumn update for GTA IV DLC

    Add a Segway and/or a Gryocopter Im a ps3 user as well, hopefully we get something. If not, o well, get PC version and get DLC that way. A parachute would nice as well. Wouldve love to have seen cops on segways chasing people. Some form of gambling would be nice as well.
  7. Dopeman 00420

    GTA IV PC details and screenshots emerge

    Good to see it coming to PC. But, its gonna have some competition from the likes of FarCry2, which alot of PC gamers are probably waiting for. I'll be buying PC version of GTA4 on release though. Keyboard/Mouse owns for run n gun in gta games, whereas I do prefer controller for vehicles. Hopefully they give that option, to use controller for driving, and everything else keyboard/mouse or in my case a trackball. Mouse look is gonna change the multiplayer bigtime.
  8. Good find, but since your intentially causing the glitches, by putting the car in front of the Airliner tires. Not that big of a deal. Not many people will be parking their car and getting out at that spot be it online or singleplayer. The car should drag and catch fire or get steamrolled or something.
  9. Dopeman 00420


    Yea, I saw a glimpse of that as well. Wouldve been nice if they let ya use any/or most models from the game.
  10. Dopeman 00420


    Anyone know how much variety there is when creating a character for online?
  11. Dopeman 00420


    Gonna try to line up some good nuggs, gotta work all week, so most of my time with the game will be Saturday.. Picking the game up tommorw after work. I probably should clean some tonight to occupy my time.