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  1. As I mentioned, I have played numerous games, on the PS3, and am my roommate is playing COD4 as we speak, and the console is fine no freezing, only with GTA4. this is an issue. http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstatio...hread.id=370613
  2. My copy of Grand Theft Auto 4 is freezing about every 10 minutes, before you start criticizing me, this is real and known to be occuring to others just search GTA4 freezing on google. The sound continues (i.e. radio/phonecall); however, all buttons on the PS3 are rendered inactive including the PS button, forcing a hard shutdown of the machine. This is had for me rendered the game unplayable, as I have now been doing the 2nd mission with the gambling/loan sharks 3 times and it continues to freeze. Any suggestions etc. is appreciated. Additionally I have played basically every game for the PS3 on my 60gb and never had one freeze, that would not respond to the PS button.
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