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  1. Releasing an ISO would be a stupid idea.... Because piracy isn't already a problem, right? I hate to admit it, but ur right. But it does come in handy. I mean just imagine that u are gonna visit the most memorial place in the world by an airplane tomorrow, and u wanna play SA on PS2 at the time you are on the plane? I don't think so (if you wanna mock me thats a'ight. I accept that.)
  2. Well not a UMD, but an ISO will be enough. My prediction is about 1-2 GB right?
  3. What do u think about it? It might be kinda cool huh. We get to meet CJ again in PSP. Well i hope R* hear our prayers.
  4. Cool I like the last one. Anyway, thanks bro'
  5. if u use jetpack to the top of gant bridge(san fierro), u'll c something like this "there is no easter egg. Go away"
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