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  1. Gotta be Emtion!! Rockstar choose the best songs for the GTA series I reckon.... There some mint driving tunes in the radio stations such as the Vibe on the new GTA IV
  2. Yes you can enter some hospitals and see people laying on beds... walk upto them and stab then in the side of the chest without been caught!
  3. I've found a garage on the What are the garages for? - of courses theres pay 'n' sprays and car washes etc.... But what do garages do/there for! . I've tried to enter one with not success!
  4. I didn't know you could rob places outisde of missions
  5. Basically I have plenty of money ingame and I just wondering what i can spend it on, since theres no building development or safehouses to buy! Anyone got any ideas!
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