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  1. Chris's post in Patching question was marked as the answer   
    You don't need all of them sequentially. Just the latest one will do.
    Keep in mind you plan to mod the game, is generally the latest that many mods support.
  2. Chris's post in Bot blacklist? was marked as the answer   
    We've tried mods like these and to be honest none are as good as IPB's built in Spam Prevention Service. It is actually a lot more effective than you probably realise, without it we would get dozens of spammers registering each day. Right now we only have to deal with a handful each week, so it's not too bad in my opinion. It'll never be completely eradicated anyway.
    All we ask is that members like you report any spam you see so myself or the mods can flag them as a spammer as soon as we see it. We only have to click one button to do that. I know you personally report a lot for us which is awesome.
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