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  1. Yeah im back and posting another stuntvid in here This time of my newest stunting crew, Stunting Society. All stunts done in 24hr. Stunters: Avi Crack DeadMan dust_N_bone KOZA Ktulu Mewka Michu PrzemOO PtRvY Szmytek ViRuS http://www.dailymotion.pl/Mewka/video/13380861
  3. Yeah. PtRvY and Chriboy are back once again ready to stunt! Have fun. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=eN_oBlld6Xs P.S. This is my last XSC video release.
  4. lol, dozens. NO STUNT WAS SHOWN MORE THAN TWICE, and that was only to fit the editing. And anyway, noone on gtas complained about it so I am not intending to change that. btw, with GTAS around, there will always be stuntvids
  5. "XSC Adrenaline" Game: GTA San Andreas Stunts by: PtRvY Chriboy Davve (guest) Editing by: PtRvY Filefront HQ/Stream YouTube Streaming
  6. Chriboy's 6 hour limit grinding solo in GTA: United edited by me. Stunters: Chriboy, with special guest PtRvY Editing: PtRvY Filefront MQ and Stream
  7. Thanks Gof and Ice, btw, it lasted a month or so? April-May
  8. "TheGTAZone Stunting League 1 - The Video" Stunters: Willzyyy Sanandrepero ARGENTINOA Chriboy Obscure Death Jugo Shadow Warrior Lanza Editor: PtRvY http://files.filefront.com/TGTAZSLwmv/;104...;/fileinfo.html - Filefront LQ and stream YouTube coming soon
  9. My 2nd solo! Out now! Featuring: PtRvY (me) Edited by: Obscure Death (i fucking love you) Intro script by: Dat630da Guestzors: Chriboy Sanandrepero Herrarge Songs: Mobb Deep - Put Em In Their Place Nightwish - Escapist Papa Roach - Tear My Heart Open Rapidshare HQ (coming soon) Filefront LQ and Stream YouTube (coming soon) Thanks for everyone for helping me realize this project, especially Davve, OD, Willzyyy, Dat630da, Sajtos, and all of the guests. NOW WATCH COMMENT AND RATE!
  10. We've been founded in February 2008, so we're kinda new. Allready had 8 crew vids. WE ARENT XSA!
  11. It's called FBI bumping, you get a 5 star wanted, and bump an FBI thats chasing you (btw, works only in LC mod)
  12. Thanks Gof, btw, you owned Daffy in SASL .
  13. XSC Enlighten Stunters: ARGENTINOA, Davve, Obscure Death, PtRvY, Willzyyy & Zaelee Special Guest: Lanza http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=65V7xsjqxhc
  14. hmph mods or no mods, still, stunts were too easy, put more effort.
  15. Here's Chriboys new solo, I guested in it, so thought i post it.
  16. My first solo, not very good, released after I was stunting for like, 2 weeks . Still, R8 and Comment, my new solo featuring willzyyy, chriboy and sanandrepero is coming soon (look @ my sig )
  17. Thanks Godfather . And Jugo, they didn't suck, the only bad thing is that you used Killerstunter's rep.
  18. Our newest crew vid! Stunters: PtRvY, Willzyyy, Shadow Warrior, Chriboy, SuperSpud, Lanza, Shifftee, Sajtos, Jugo & Zaelee Editor: PtRvY http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=x9Fgvv1Nj2c
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