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  1. nate skates

    GTA IIIReal Total COnversion pack

    When I installed GTA IIIReal Total COnversion pack everything went fine, until the colors messed up. some people are completely whit, cars wheels are white as well.
  2. nate skates

    GTA SA no longer works on my pc?

    is that why it wont work?
  3. nate skates

    where you can find the server list

    is that MTA?
  4. nate skates

    GTA SA no longer works on my pc?

    You did modded vorbisfile.dll. I modded it and only MTA works, not SA itself. Is your SA downloaded? yeah it is what is vorbis.dll for?
  5. nate skates

    GTA SA no longer works on my pc?

    i think so, but it probably wouldn't matter, since i installed it on another HDD SAMP works, but the game itself still doesnt. I lowered the resolution and put it on low quality.
  6. I just had to reinstall my GTA because mods messed it up. I reinstalled it, with no mods, and it still has the same problems. Help?
  7. nate skates

    SA-MP is gone.

    Can anyone get on any servers right now? There are no servers up.
  8. nate skates

    Mods slowing down my game?

    how about this one will it work better? AMD atholon xp 1500+ 1.3 ghz 768 gb ram ATI card, i dont know what model, i only know that its from around 2001.
  9. nate skates

    Should my whels be very large on my cars?

    alright, thanks.
  10. nate skates

    Mods slowing down my game?

    Sa usually runs on my laptop at 25/30 fps. When im driving one of my modded cars or are near one, the fps drops to about 7/10. Did i install them wrong? Or is my comp too weak? BTW, I have a 1.6 GHZ Celeron M with 1.5 gb ram and integrted graphics.
  11. I modded 2 cars to look like a Shelby GT500 and a Ford GT-40 and both cars have very large wheels. Is there something i did wrong?
  12. nate skates

    Messed up SA

    Its not V2, at least im not sure because i installed other ars on it and the game worked fine. it ran and i was able to play it. also, is it good if the fps gets low when you get near or drive a modded car? BTW, SAMP still works. but scenery is taking a lot longer to show up.
  13. nate skates

    Messed up SA

    hi, I have a problem with my installation of GTA:SA for the past 2 weeks i have been installing mods ever since i found SAMI. well today i installed a ferrari f430, a ferrari f50, and i installed sounds using SAAT Fronted 1.0. I replaced the bank_001, bank_002, bank_010, and bank_011. after that, i started up GTA. whenever I load a game, it goes to the loading screen, (you know the one with pictures of people in the game) and once it reaches a certain point on the loading bar, the program terminates and then i get message saying gta has stopped working. Is there any way to reverse this problem? I restored the car mods, but i dont have the original sounds for bank_001,002,010, and 011. would anybody happen to have these? any any other solutions would be much appreciated.