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  1. yes, the good thing: more publicity for this awesome site. bad thing: i predeict a huge flow of noobs newbies questions like 'why IV dont work on my pc????!!!111one' or other obvious, easy to answer questions. i have 2 questions i would like answering: 1- does the windows 'live' go by/use gammertags? (i own xbl and do not plan to buy pc version and have never played Windows live games) (this one is for the moderaters)2- i uploaded some mods quite a while back witch still havent been approved.. please inform me of the problem.. thanks
  2. this hapens to me too no matter where i download it from, and so i gave up and just did it myself :/
  3. yay! w00t! Anyone thinking of MODing a game like this is mentally sick in the head . so unless the game has a few glithes the only mods i would download would be patches(fix) Well thats my opinion untill it kinda gets abit old, then i might think of car mods (if there is any)
  4. ok thanks everyone for helping, my san andreas is now back to normal yay!
  5. i have a few mods on my san andreas game, i would say about 6 (5 cars and a nice water mod) ok here's my problem: the car mods are i think stuck in the game as i have uninstalled and re-installed on a number of ecasions and the cars are still in the game i have lost the original car files and water file. any suguestions on what i should do? a clean gta img file and original water file would be much apreaciated send through e-mail attachment or somthing, please?? thank you for your help and possibly file('s) Jack p.s this is also affecting my sa-mp (freezing on loading network game)
  6. Try downloading the dll file; I also had that problem before, when I tried running the ENBSeries mod... ok, thanks but where can i download the dll, (enb site obv. but where abouts)
  7. hi. im having a small problem with ENB series mod (graphic change mod) as it wont let me run the game and it says:This application has failed to start becouse d3dx9_26.dll was not found. ive put all files required in and comes up with that^^ its a pretty clean game, not many mods on it literally like 5 mods:detailed radar, 2-3 cars which i have lost the original models for, and a nice water colour mod. pls tell me whats wrong. thanks, jack
  8. gone Sa-mp.com is now offline or totally gave up verry upset about that. they were doing so well.... sa-mp has gone really far and they just stoped. why is this? does anyone know?
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