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  1. I have done the stunt jump achievment. But when i go into STATS on the pause screen and go into the vehicle window it's telling me i have 0 stunt jumps done but i have found two jumps. What's up wit dat ??? :'( Can i get help please.
  2. I'm GETTING really Pissed Off That i can't keep the jumps i have done when i save my game I done 25 jumps and i saved the game as i was in for a treat from my wife. and the next day i went to continue with the jumps and it told me i had 49 jumps left when i done a jump. why is this?????????? REALLY PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSED OOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFF Your friend METALLITIGGER
  3. Hi All just wondering if there is a easy way to get the three strikes in bowling ?????? Need help BIG time. From your grumpy TIGGER
  4. Hey all I'm new and looking for the best from everybody and myself. Can't wait to get started
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