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  1. I have recently completed all the storyline missions in the game. Until I finished them, I didn't really pay much attention to the sidemissions (vigilante, package delivery, taxi etc.) as I was pushing for the 30 hours or less storyline xbox achievement (which I also failed...) Though when finishing the storyline, at the final mission, I chose the option which killed Roman. When I later heard that Roman offered taxi missions, and since he's now dead, how to complete them, or even start them? Regarding Stevie's text-car deals I also have read about, those missions have not even been in my game, which is currently at 78% completion. When do they start? Have I made a mission choice so they aren't available? In the mission where choosing between Playboy X or Dwayne, I killed Dwayne. After having killed Dwayne, I then got ditched by X, whom dissapeared from the game, and didn't give me any more missions or other goodies. Since I also have read that if I had gone for X instead, I would have a new uptown flat and new outfit. Once again, I regrett my choice. Because of all of these options which are available, I have been searching for a list of sort. A list where all options and their consequences are listed. Kinda like a walkthrough of the game, in order to not miss anything until it's too late. There are heaps more in other missions which I cannot recall to be honest. As well as other little notes for sidemission, killing or not killing in missions (any difference really????) etc. which I reckon would be useful for someone at that stage in the game, instead of having to google heaps everytime there is a slight option. So lets add some true spoilers here, so those whom so choice, can optimise their GTAIV experience. Indeed, it's a bloody fun game, and there's no fun in missing out! A few of the choices I made were: Final mission Going for the money or the revenge? I went for the money. This cashed in 250k (I think, not sure. Anyone?) as well as killed Roman. With Roman dead, no more taxi missions. I have read that if choosing revenge instead, Kate would die? I have Kate in my mobile now, with no options, and she never picks up! Boring as h*#l frankly. Why choose either or? Playboy X or Dwayne Who to kill, and what benefits/loses from each? I went for killing Dwayne. Just after, Playboy X called and claimed I was a cold SOB and ditched me, not providing any more missions, sidemissions or anything. He even dissapeared from the mobile phone. I have gone for the death of Playboy X instead, any benefits there? I have heard rumors about getting his flat? Would that mean another safehouse or? Also I have heard something about an outfit, that true?
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