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  1. not sure if this has been posted yet. this is retarded. Link
  2. yea i got it. i was at the air port and drove past the annilator heli into the water. then started swimming unitl i lost the wanted level.
  3. i'll give the airport method a try.
  4. well i i like the money hint cause i spent all my money on weapons the one time i got arrested and they took everything.
  5. if you have got the achievement for evading 4 star wanted level let me know how you did it. i tried using a heli but could never shake the police with it. i was always in the middle of the the wanted level.
  6. i like to call packie, get a bomb and attach it to cars on the street. follow them to a crowded area and then blow em up.
  7. if i remember right it's that huge driving range on the left side of algonquin. since it was the only place i associated with golf in the game i just grabbed the first comet i found in the north parking lot (the one by the burger shot) and it was the car i needed. if you've never taken notice of the driving range it's got huge netted in walls and sticks out into the body of water between algonquin and alderney (west river i think). yea i found it a few days ago by accident. i looked forever for a golf course never even found it, but i see the range now. the rest so far have been pretty specific to where they are.
  8. i'd like for there to be a gym to work out and be able to bulid up nikos strength and stamina. more arcade games. bring back remote control heli's. bicycles and skateboards. just to name a few.
  9. i'm as far as getting him the comet. anyone know where the swingers golf club is?
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