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  1. Well, I see how silent and invisible the MAFIA in Italy is...in one of the last articles in our "Der Spiegel" I've read sth. about the MAFIA in Neapel and the writer described the violent situation around these areas and I am amazed that you call that "silent and invisible". Furthermore, what about Silvio Berlusconi? He also made some deals with the "MAFIA" and I think mvi's idea isn't that bad. One last thing PORCODIO, one year ago I was in Hong Kong and Shenzhen for two weeks in summer and last month I spent 4 weeks in the U.S. in cities like Philly and NYC (I've visited a friend in Landisville, PA) and I can tell ya...you see more crazy bums in urban cities in the U.S. than in asian cities, however, I would prefer a next asian-GTA like you as well!
  2. Hey guys...it's just funny to see the latest developements concerning these little sex-games in GTA San Andreas. This is funny in the USA. Almost every household has a weapon and your politicians freak out at such banal things like little sex games. Games like pose Postal 2 don't cause such a sensation anyway either. Why your politicians are so sensitive concerning sex? Okay I know...Hillary Clinton gained experiences in her own family about that but I don't see any reason's to remove GTA: SA out of stores. Here in Europe (GER) nobody cares about that but if there's blood in games our polticians go overboard about that....crazy world. However, hope you already got your "uncensored" version and have fun as I have. Although my english isn't that good I like this site...c ya guys!
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