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  1. See i only used WoW as a example of how MMO's have become the next step.. nobody in their right mind would want a RPG of GTA.. i am not dumb... all i meant was make it LIKE wow in sense that everyone, online, sametime, making groups and whatnot.. Not being a fire mage holding a uzi... come on now HAHAHA.. but yet maybe a GTA Nation or GTA Wrold makes sense cause Liberty, Vice, San are ALL their own WORLD so to speak.. they are not real?... yeah.. so go ideas guys thanks its just been on my mind for awhile hehe
  2. AH HA hehe now it makes sense Sean hehe you do not like MMORPG's.. i am taking for those that do, not for ones that dont hehe of course if you do not like MMORPG's then it would suck yes, but me.. i LOVE them.. i know the name would have to be differant i was making a example, and i don't know, some of those WoW Continents are pretty big, and they manage *shrugs* i think it would be very interesting, thanks for the responce i have had this idea for awhile and wanted to share it with GTA fans
  3. BiggMack

    GTA The World!?

    ok now in some ways GTA is a RPG, you are in a roleplaying enviroment of sorts and since GTA4 they have touch down on the Multiplayer online asspect, but what if they touch bases on the MMO aspect even more so the MMORPG aspect, think World of Warcraft. MASSIVE multiplayer and has done FANTASTIC.. SILVERHAND FTW hehe... *coughs* sorry.. but what if they made a World of GTA or a GTA the World.. making you able to take Boat Fairys to each of the Classic Islands like Old Liberty, New Liberty, Vice City, San Andreas.. be able to take missions from Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson, Niko Bellic... do online Questing in a REAL LIFE Enviroment, Cars, planes, Trains, guns and everything GTA offers in a GTA game.. WoW has Outland, Northrend, Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.. why cant GTA ROCK AND BECOME THE TOP in MMORPG's? i would think it would be the best and maybe knock WoW out of the top spot. cause imho WoW is the best but i LOVE GTA. i just wanna know some opinions and see what others think, maybe even make some suggestions, cause guys and gals.. what if a Rockstar person read this and liked it? wouldnt you want to be apart of history in the making? So let me know! and BTW...... ROCKSTAR!!!! HOMERUN ON GTA4!!!! OUT OF THE PARK AND BEYOND!!!!
  4. Thank you i will try that and keep ya posted :-) **crosses fingers** HAHA
  5. Yeah i do that, am i supposed to do one after another and do 20 in a row like the Old School Vig Missions?
  6. I have not used one cheat code.. and i still cannot unlock this achievment. it say "Cature" the criminals but i do not know how to Capture then only kill them, i have it for XBOX360, is there a way to capture them? cause i have like 50 criminals wasted but still nothing.. Anyone know what i am doing wrong? :-(
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