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  1. I think you used garage editors or trainers by which u might have stored more cars so the game crashes.
  2. when i make unique jump camera view is changed and the game becomes slow as usual. But my problem is after he lands the camera view do not change to normal. It remain as the same as of unique jump means camera at one place and the games becomes slow until he do not fall from the bike or he is on his feet. how can i remove the bug. :bashhead:
  3. No I brought a dvd from locl shop. everything works fine in it. but due to modding i changed the handling and accidently deleted the original file. please help me.
  4. yesterday i was thinking to start the game again but didn't started due to the problem for doing the side missions again. SO you are my HERO buddy.Thanks for this. Thanks for ur hard work for making it easy for us.
  5. hiii guyz, i editted my handling.cfg file but now all messed up. I somehow accidently deleted my backup copies :'( . Can someone please upload the unmodified handling.cfg file.
  6. thanks rainbow but my question is other. What are the key controls for driving a train as i get max speed of 12 Mph now not 45 Mph ?????
  7. hiii guyz, when I do freight missions then i watch the speed of the train. sometimes the freight train get speed upto 45 KPH but in passenger train i get max speed of 12 Kph. I do not cross the 45 Kph so its impossible to accomplish the freight missions. how can do we get the 45 kph speed. I do not remember whether it is kph or MPH. please tell me the keys.
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