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  1. Gamer-Chris

    More then what you can buy

    Like,hidden clothes? Well,if you killed and have his house,you can put on Clauds outfit (Guy from GTA:3)
  2. Gamer-Chris

    forklift in GTA IV

    I use forklifts to run over people in happiness island,while my friends grab all the ammo around.
  3. GTA:IV already has some myths,theres rumors about voices in the sprunk factory,Rat-man and others.I only found something wierd,somewhere in the subway you'll find some orange goo in the floor.But i really doubt GTA:IV has things like Big Foot.
  4. Gamer-Chris

    Getting those gloves

    Or maybe DLC.
  5. Gamer-Chris

    Niko Bellic Must Die!

    Haha,the "movie voice" is pretty cool,i like it.
  6. Gamer-Chris

    which part of the city is your favorite

    Alderney,don't know why,i just like it.