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  1. Hello i tried to mod GTA SA and i forgot to back up the files for the cars and these are the files that i need to have so plz some one post these files picador.txd picador.dff supergt.txd supergt.dff bf400.txd bf400.dff pcj600.txd pcj600.dff hotknife.txd hotknife.dff knifecur.txd knifecur.dff freeway.txd freeway.dff elegy.txd elegy1.txd elegy2.txd elegy3.txd elegy.dff hotring.txd hotring.dff mower.txd mower.dff mtbike.txd mtbike.dff stretch.txd stretch.dff voodoo.txd voodoo.dff So some one please post the original files for those cars and tell me how to put them back if you know how PLZ
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