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  1. Is someone capable of making me a New gang? as i would like to have my own gang with own name etc ( If possible to change the Vercetti Gang ) So on there mansion is a Banner with a black background and typed on it The Deep Syndicate and a Very Nice car, if possible on the Car the name of the gang "The Deep Syndicate" ( just under the door ) and on the spoiler / backwindow if possible. and for the skins, a Jacket with on the back TDS or The Deep Syndicate whatever you think is nice. Please help me Thank you!
  2. I meant when doing it manually.
  3. in the readme it says something about the HANDLING.CFG and shit, to adjust the speed etc.
  4. The problem is, Its hard to install the Car Mods with VCMM , The maps arent that hard, I really wanna use it for Cars.
  5. Only cars though, is there a file i could have broken?
  6. Do you know any way to solve this?
  7. From This website, and i've tried other websites also, Is there any other Mod Manager what you are aware of?
  8. I have done that several times.
  9. Look, I have been using VCMM for 2days now, But i crashed my Vice City game, I had to re-install it and staff, But now i have my Vice City game again, But the VCMM is giving 2 Errors now, I made screenshots of them: This is when i try to Install a Car Mod. And this is when i try to Un-install a Car mod. Can someone help me, Because its quite annoying i cant use the VCMM, its way to hard to edit all the Handling things if i have to update the cars manually. Thanks.
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