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  1. heh, thanks guys. i thought it was something about that cheat. anyways, thats not a problem. well it is. i dont have any other saves, (i should) and ill not use that cheat again. im a bit of an idiot, i know. I should use State of Emergency next time. hehe. cause i know that doesnt cause a big problem. Thanks again. Whiteshop <--- Ultimate noob. and a bit of an idiot.
  2. You all know the mission where you see Madd Dogg on the roof in Las Venturas, and you have to save him? well, when i do that mission (And this is strange cuz it happens to other missions too) Madd Dogg runs directly and falls off the building. this is weird. for examples, when i did 555 we tip, the 2 police men always shoot at the DEA guy, and im like WHAT THE HELL so sometimes ill hope for a miracle, which happens sometimes. Does anybody know what i can do? please help me, and tell me if you want a more clear message of what im trying to say. Thanks. Whiteshop <--- Ultimate Noob
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