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  1. Haven't posted here much lately but i'll add my two cents :)

    Most Respected Member: Chris

    Most Original Username: Unnamed Noodle

    Best Personality: Sherman

    Best New Member: TNF

    Wow I added like nothing lol ah well better than doing none or writing down random usernames

  2. There was hardly anything to pick in the favourite section. You had like a million Marlboros and Camels. Where's the B&H at bro

    Lmao nah I put I quit and don't associate with smokers.

  3. I actually just switched from using Hotmail to using Gmail, though I switched because I didn't like the new layout of the former.

    Haha same =D gmail is so easy to use.

    I don't get much spam in gmail, maybe 3 a month but it filters into the spam folder so I don't notice. Hotmail has alot more spam.

  4. Wasn't bitching about pay. This is a thread about women's rights. I was only sharing my feelings on the subject like everyone else. Other members have said the same things I have. Just because i'm a chick doesn't mean you have to accuse me of bitching about the topic at hand. "Move country instead of bitching" is ridiculous. if you can't share your views on a forum then what can you do? If a forum isn't intended for sharing ideas then what is it for?

    Bitching would consist of "OMG men treat women like shit im so sick of the way we're treated bla bla bitch moan rant".

    I'm not like that :)

  5. My point Harwood Butcher, is that I should be able to have a discussion on a forum and state my beliefs without having to be told "move country if it's so bad". I never said it was so bad, I just said that in general, men are paid more. Running away from the country I love isn't going to fix my problems, heck loads of other countries have the same problem so no. I'll stay put thanks. Getting less money isn't going to drive me away from the country I love. I'm going travelling next year anyway.

  6. Bitching? It's a forum. I'm expressing my concerns like everybody else here. And you ignored my point. I can't afford to move country, we're not all rich here you know.

    If your way of overcoming problems is to just move country all the time then 1) you're gonna have to move country alot in your life and 2) congrats for having the money to be able to have the pleasure of doing so.

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  7. In NZ if you're 16 and over, you're classed as an adult and the minimum wage for you is the same as it is for an adult.

    Harwood B: Yeah moving is an option but New Zealand is very safe, and it's our home, we're not gonna just up and leave because of a few dollars. Nor can we afford to move anywhere else. Not every country has men getting paid more, but so many do unfortunately.

    Rainbow Bear: Agree 100%

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  8. Harwood Butcher: Actually you're wrong. If a women is breating the crap out of a guy she WILL get arrested. It is allegal for males and females to physically harm someone. So if a man gets beat up by a woman, and doesn't fight back then he's doing the right thing because he won't get into a spot of trouble but she will.

    That saying, you're American, I don't know the laws there but I was under the impression that it's illegal for a woman to physically abuse a man.

    Also, I brought up "My mum and I both have jobs" because that's my proof right there. I know we get paid less because she gets paid less than the other guy who does the same job, it's always been that way and it's not fair. As you can see, i'm not the only person who thinks that, as you said, almost everyone else has brought up the "women get paid less" thing. It's not just me.

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  9. Harwood Butcher: So youre saying because you haven't seen proof, that women do get paid the same? I've got news for you mate, women do not get paid the same as men. I would know because I have a job. And my mother has a job.

    And what you said about hitting men/women, how women want to be treated special, that's bullshit. I want to be treated the same as men. No more, no less. It's because of the "men are superior" attitude that has caused hitting a woman to be punished more than hitting a man. Also because the majority of the time, men hit women more, and the majority of the time, men are stronger.

    Im not saying women are better and men are worse, infact people who know me in real life know i prefer guys, but because of the history between men/women sexual relations and the treatment towards women throughout history, these laws are harder on men. Bottom line, don't hit anyone and it shouldn't be such a problem for you.

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