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  1. hey guys i'm having problems with a hummer that i'm tryin 2 repace the patriot with, it keeps comin up as grey as the texture map im using has grey for the body. i noticed in txdtool theres an alpha channel bit for the textures, wud doing something with this tex be able to solve my problem? i changed the carcols.dat so it has the right colours for wat i want but nothing diffrent - just the same grey hummers all the time plz help MoronZilla:...
  2. just a tip with this, as its a 4 door car, u need 2 replace a 4 door car with it, sometimes crashes the game if u replace a 2door car
  3. use zmodeler 1.0.7 (its free go to www.zmodeler2.com and u can find it) to export as dff and make sure that the textures ur using are named exactly wat they are in the txd and have them applied in the materials window, eg in txd the tex is called czesci.tga, have ur texture named czesci...refer to pic
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