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  1. ok i do have all the gta's for PS2 but meh ps2 recently died and i dont have 150 for a new one, so i go to hollywood video for SA on Xbox. they dont have it, then blockbuster same, samething with reelvideo, then all of the stores i go to kicked it off the damn shelf from a fuc**ng mod on the damn compy..any ways its from the ESRB and i think we all should get a petition going to get GTA SA back on shelves. i mean serisouly, the sims can get full nudity with a cheat put in, and its still rated T, any ways for the Hot coffee mod its just damn pixels its not like a frolicking girls gone wild video where it has real sex, w/the coffee mod its only dry-humping cause CJ has his pants on. its not any thing bad cause if their pissed from that why dont they just pull all of the movies w/nudity and sex, with the games, and why dont ya pull of all forms of entertainment. and there is a mod in VC for the compy where the strippers are fully naked so why didnt the ESRB get pissed from that? but serisouly we need a petition goin for this to get one of the best games ever made back on the shelves
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