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  1. laughinghyena

    Ripping models and is it possible?

    thanks dude it means a lot that someone reply. I am gonna read the link you suggested. I just couldnt find the right forum post to find out the answers myself. I am sure that i will have more questions. Ill just post them here. Once again thank you. LH EDIT: ok I read the tut. I have one question: with these files(some do have models in em) is it possile to open them up in 3Dmax or maya? and if so, would i need a converter to do so.
  2. laughinghyena

    Ripping models and is it possible?

    pretty the topic speaks for itself. I am curious if anyone would how or already rip some model (characters) from the games themselves? and if so, can someone please let me know. It would mean a lot to me. LH