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  1. what do you mean by 7-digit or 10 digit, alot of the numbers have more or less than ten, and start with 555, is that why they arent working? I mean from the source I got them from (google!)
  2. None of the business (bean machine coffee, LCPD recruitment etc) numbers work for me, it rings and then is engaged. Ive tried for ages on all of them at different times of day, but they dont seem to work. What time of day works best?
  3. I thought there was supposed to be an ending movie after you kill Dmitri or Pegorino? I read somewhere theres two ending movies but I cancelled the credits, did I miss them?
  4. ive tried that, but I keep getting shot or blown up from that damn helicopter, this is like the 20th time ive attempted this mission.
  5. I cannot get past this mission, I always fail at the boat chase. I cant get under Jacobs helicopter and what makes it worse is that theres always a storm in this mission!!! Any tips?
  6. it shouldnt be that though, my connection is fine, ive tested it. (ps3 connection)
  7. Multiplayer has to be glitched. I use the cover system frequently with a good weapon and somehow get shot while behind cover. Also I get killed with one shot, while other people don't? I was shooting at someone for ages, when I behind cover to reload, and I get killed by one shot, BEHIND cover. Its so stupid and dumb. Also I use the map alot (obviously) and theres no one else near me when i get shot while behind cover!
  8. nevermind, he finally called to see if wanted to get something to eat. yes i did reply positively.
  9. How do you hang out with Dwayne? He keeps calling and asking if I called and Niko says no. He also sent me an email saying stuff like 'i aint got any friends nowdays' or something similiar and Niko still can't hang out with him!!
  10. wow, this could come in use....when I lose my car to the jerks in the game that drive like maniacs and just smash into me LOL
  11. I mean ill do the deal ending but save before, to try the other out of curiosity.
  12. so you think deal is the best ending? Ill go that direction but i'll probably save so I can do both.
  13. Hey guys. Im now up to the point where you choose Derricks or Francis' fate. Which is the one better to kill? Does one killed, the game award you with something? I feel its better to kill Francis' but I don't know. Also is it better to choose the Deal or choose Revenge? Which one fits in the best and gives the best experience? ( as in which one would make the story a 'good' story and give me the best cinematic experience instead of being a fansy pansy ending? (ie happy ending lol)
  14. MY cognoscenti was in the parking space whn I loaded my game up. I did a coupe of missions and went back to save, to find that its gone! Is this some sort of glitch? I really cant imagine a pedestrian stealing from the games "garages"! Where do you find the cognoscentis, I want it back?!
  15. So how can I join a clan if i need to? EDIT: oops, really sorry didnt mean to double post, dont know how to delete the previous one?
  16. Well my psn is mar19250. (is that all i need to post?)
  17. Ive got the game on PS3. Thanks for the speedy reply! Also do I need to join a clan and if so how?
  18. OMG that sounds cool, ill have to search for it, whether it be fake or not. I used to search for bigfoot in SA and once was so sure I saw him and I actually believe it exists LOL. (seriously )
  19. Hey guys im new here in these forums, unlike other forums I couldn't see an introduction area, so I just decided I would start posting. Anyway Im wondering how Multiplayer in GTA IV works? Im not new to GTA series but only got GTA 4 two weeks ago and I have almost finished the game. Anyway is there 2-player multiplayer? how do I play a deathmatch with people over the net? Do I need to join a party or something? sorry if this post sounds really dumb, didnt know which would be the best way to type it.
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