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  1. ust have, just says 'please insert original disc' any ideas? pfft his s starting to ge anoyig now.. i houl have to md it in any way shape or form, i reinstalled it from scratch FULLY!! pain i the arse game.... Regards Aidan
  2. thats fair enough... i didnt mean anything by that post btw... just sayin the whole 'so shut up' bit seemed a lil far... but never mind. I would have thought if say, i was unsure about something said in an older post, i would be able to just post in the older post rather than people making countless new posts on the same topic... plus, bumping older posts occasionally allows the new, unsure, users to view them rather than searching through 46pages of posts or rather than new users coming on and making countless new posts on the same topic over time... just saying is all.. i just thought that 15 posts over time on the same topic would be more annoying... but anyhoo....:]
  3. yu all seem so hostile on this forum guys.... tut... what was the point in that last comment m8? i just dont get the whole 'be angry with eveyone' theme on here...# Regards Mini
  4. done, i just uninstalled it, deleted root folder and removed from registry... still the same.. tried to start a new game and the game just closed and gave me an error msg...
  5. just let me post a summary.. i havent modded it i modded it before.. then it didnt work i uninstalled it and reinstaled it, it still didnt work i then uninstalled and removed from the registry and reinstalled, it still wont work... now im stuck.. :/ easy run on my laptop.. Its a HP Pavillion HDX 2.5ghz Dual Core intel 4gb ram 20.1" High-Definition WS ATi Radeon HD2600 XT 512mb GDDR3 Vista Premium + direct-x 10 any more ideas.... btw i do appreciate all the help you guys are giving.. Regards MiniMental
  6. i am running V2.0, but thats not the problemas it wont let m start a new game from scratch either..
  7. i tried that.. now the game loads about halfway and closes wit ha warning error.. this happens both wit hsavegames and new game....
  8. i'll try that and post again soon then =P cheers
  9. Hi again, new problem the game was working normally, i downloaded some car mods off this site and installed them using the mod installer. The game then wouldnt load.. when i tried to load a game or start a new game, the loading bar stops at about 50% and the game locks up... I tried uninstalling the mods using the backup files and the mod installing program, it still didnt work... i then completely uninstalled gta-sa and reinstalled... still wont work... any ideas??? Regards Mini
  10. Hi there, i have just reinstalled san andreas on my pc. I copied the savegame files normally into the correct folder. When i start the game and try to load them, it just starts a new game instead of loading the savegame.. i have tried about 10 different savegames now and still no luck.. Can somebody please help me? Regards MiniMental
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