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    The Premier GTA IV Fansite Pre-Launch Party

    Ah thanks for the quick reply. I like the fact that vehicles have dynamic damage to it. Oh I'd like to see what you said on day 2, but the link to the first part isn't working anymore for some odd reason: http://www.thegtaplace.com/feature/gtaiv-f...e-beginning.php Edit: I managed to get the link from the second part: Gah But at least that leaves us with more hope that they're actually working on something.
  2. Vercetti Gangsta

    The Premier GTA IV Fansite Pre-Launch Party

    Superb Hope you had fun Just wanted to ask some technical questions: 1) Is there any environmental damage in the game? E.g. wrecking buildings in one way or another? 2) The damage done to objects and props - is it dynamic? Or is it the same damage each time you wreck the objects? 3) What happens if you heli-kill someone? Edit: You should've asked about the PC version... But then again, maybe they would've shot you