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  1. yeah crapshack is back i thought it was a goo move when they banned it but then they brought it back well thats okay i found a new home here
  2. if your looking for it for import export use this map Import/Export map it's found near the los santos airport. if your not import exporting it i don't think it has another parked location. it just spawns rndomly try driving around in LS with a lowrider it might turn up
  3. yeah the andromeda is the plane from torinos misson were you have to get abord the big plane with the bike, the andromedas the big plane. a lot of people thought that that was a completly hidden finished vehical. in fact it was just a remanent a prob used in two missions "home in the hills" and torinos mission. rockstar kept hinting that there was something yet to be found,,, come to think of it they were probably hinting at the "hot coffe" thing.
  4. I always thought that that was kind of dumb. i mean for a few races (like offroad) i don't mind the random vehicals but for just a standerd street race you should be able to use your own right?
  5. yeah i just wanted to tell the pepole of this fourm that i decided to come over to this fourm becuas i didn't like the way all the things were headed at gta gaming.. at the very least you seem to have alot better smilies biggrin.gif i just wanted to make sure that you guys knew i wasn't a noob because i didn't have any posts or because i just registered in here. i've been playing gta since gta 2 and i hate to be treated like a retarded three year old by someone going " OMG joo noob joo only hA\/3 tree posts i hA\/3 4 i pwn" i hate that kinda thing okay so i hope i can help with whatever need helping and i'm already happy i made the change the fourms here seem much nicer.
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